Bringing Yoga to You

YogaXoga is a little different than the typical yoga studio. First, by design, we don’t have a physical studio. Instead, we bring yoga to you – where you live, work and hang out. We offer private yoga, corporate yoga and community yoga classes in and around Phoenix, AZ.

Second, we offer Demystified Yoga™ classes. Demystified Yoga™ focuses on the physical aspects and stress-relieving aspects of yoga and leaves out more mystical aspects (Sanskrit, chanting, ideologies) often experienced in yoga classes.

We believe EVERY BODY can enjoy the many benefits of our Demystified Yoga™ classes, so we modify yoga poses and exercises to fit you, your body and your wellness needs.

Yoga DVDs

Our Demystified Yoga™ DVDs allow you to enjoy your yoga practice anywhere, anytime. YogaXoga’s Demystified Yoga™ DVDs focus on the physical and stress-relieving benefits of yoga. Our yoga DVDs are great for the beginner and more seasoned yoga student. Both DVDs offer many pose modifications and helpful hints.

DVD Cover

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